Letter to Customers on COVID19


March 17, 2020

Dear valued Customer & Partners:

Based on the present COVID-19 global impact the Supply Chains have are being stressed to meet demand while also protecting our team members and their families. Collectively we wish everyone the very best and hope for limited impact to the global society.

We are closely monitoring the present situation, through media, personal observations and governmental (State & Federal) statements. With that we have enacted a plan to operate within this new environment to insure that we are delivering on our commitment to our customers. We are taking several measures to protect our team members and the continuity of our business operations.

  1. We have created two teams for each office within the US. These teams will have alternating work days in the office and virtual. The teams are all furnished with mobile work tools, lap tops, phones, etc.
  2. Our offices are being cleaned and we are restricting any outside visitors to reduce risk. We are taking peoples temperatures daily, providing gloves and masks and have established hand sanitizer stations throughout our building. Lastly we are reducing conference room meetings and communicating with dial in numbers to maintain business levels and reducing face to face contact. Social distancing is implemented.
  3. Business travel has been suspended; policy’s in place to have people self-quarantined in the event they are a risk to others.
  4. Our customer communications are paramount and we are doing everything to maintain a seamless level of service, communication and a proven driven product to the market place.

Please understand we are working in this new environment and we will continually evolve our position and strive to adapt quickly as events of the COVID-19 unfold. Based on our strong working team, corporate culture and position in the industry we will be successful in making it through this period. We are energized knowing we have the support of our clients, partners and team members to see this through.

Wishing you all the very best,

Intermodal Bridge Transport Team!