Updates from the GPA Mar 31 2020


Updates from the GPA email handle (they provide daily updates, usually multiple times a day):

The Reefer Service Area has been properly cleaned and was reopened for business.  The Georgia Port did a great job putting their strategy of “isolate and operate” into action.

Other GPA pertinent information:

All GPA gates are closed on Saturdays until 4.4.2020

Savannah and its surrounding areas: 

Stay inside standing order for non-essential tasks and personnel within the workforce.

Fulton Co (Atlanta):

9PM to 7AM curfew (doesn’t apply to essential jobs / industries / personnel)


We have limited availability for Friday only.  Saturday for Team Savannah is always an option if the customer requests it.

Open availability (for all regions) starting on 4.6.2020 and beyond